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Reserved Area

Course descriptions
Held in English
Economics (curriculum) closed
European studies (curriculum) closed
Finance closed
International accounting and management (curriculum) closed
Language and Mind. Linguistics and Cognitive Studies closed
Public and Cultural Diplomacy closed
Biotechenologies of the Human Reproduction closed
Genetic Counsellors closed
Medical Biotechnologies closed
Biodiversity and Environmental Health (curriculum) closed
Chemistry closed
Applied Mathematics closed
Computer and Automation Engineering closed
Electronics and Communications Engineering closed
Engineering Management closed

Held in Italian
Economia dell'Ambiente e dello Sviluppo (curriculum) closed
Economia e Gestione degli Intermediari Finanziari closed
Management e governance (curriculum) closed
Scienze delle amministrazioni closed
Scienze internazionali closed
Scienze statistiche per le indagini campionarie closed
Antropologia e linguaggi dell'immagine closed
Archeologia closed
Lettere Classiche closed
Lettere Moderne closed
Scienze per la formazione e la consulenza pedagogica nelle organizzazioni (sede di Arezzo) closed
Storia dell'arte closed
Storia e Filosofia (sede di Siena) (curriculum) closed
Storia e filosofia: pratiche del sapere e della cittadinanza (sede di Arezzo) (curriculum) closed
Strategie e Tecniche della Comunicazione closed
Biologia Molecolare e Cellulare (curriculum) closed
Biologia Sanitaria closed
Ecotossicologia e sostenibilità ambientale closed
Geoscienze e geologia applicata closed

English language proficiency
For students enrolled in our Bachelor's and Master's programs taught in English, a good verbal and written command of this language is essential. Therefore all applicants must provide proof of their English proficiency.

The level of English knowledge required depends on the chosen program (more details are indicated in the summary of each specific program).
In general, a B2 level must be attained within the first year of the course.
Notice, however that:
  • some programs require at least the B1 level at the enrolment and the B2 level must be attained by January of the first year of the course. Beyond this date students will not be allowed to take any exam without the required English certification;
  • in some programs, a B2 level is required before the enrolment.
Students enrolled in our degree courses that are taught entirely in English must present one of the international certifications recognized by the university to the Front Office of the Language Centre by December of each year.

The list of the international certifications is available at
this link

Those who have not attained any recognised international certification should take the B2 qualifying exam at the Language Centre.

Applying to the University of Siena for an evaluation of candidate's qualifications is free and easy.
You can apply via our online application system for up to two different courses (even if you have to choose one course at the end). You will be contacted by the Academic Committee within approximately two months, concerning the outcome of the evaluation process.

Please note that:

  • to apply for courses taught in Italian a good knowledge of the Italian language is required;
  • the application form is not editable after submission;
  • you should not email us asking to check the status of your application or send again the documents via e-mail.


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